Cana Alta Villas

This is a new development of detached villas located in an exclusive area of Punta Cana called Ciudad Las Canas. The initial plots released for sale are those marked in Red on the site plan available below.

The plots are offered in a selection of sizes with a basic plot size of 408m2 allocated for each of the villa options A, B and C and included in the quoted price.  However, the opportunity exists to purchase a larger plot than that allocated at a price of US$180 per M2.

So, as an example, the base price for a villa Type A with a plot of 408m2 and constructed area of 235m2 is priced at US$ 289,000. If you wanted a plot size of 450m2 you could purchase the additional 42m2 at US$180 increasing the price by US$ 7,560  to US$ 296,560.  This could allow for more interior space or room for a private pool in the garden.

The List Prices for the 3 Types of Villas for sale are as follows:

Villa Type A with 235 m2 constructed is priced at US$289,000.00
Villa Type B with 290 m2 constructed is priced at US$355,000.00
Villa Type C with 305 m2 constructed is priced at US$375,000.00

NOTE: The first 25 villas sold are offered at a discount of 15% from the quoted price.  This discount also applies to any additional land purchased and is also offered above the discount available if you take advantage of the special payment terms offered below.


In addition to the standard amenities included in the villa prices the following are offered at fixed prices.

Villa Type A

Swimming pool 2.5 meters by 5 meters US$ 16,000

Terrace with floor and ceiling on the second level US$ 12,000

Roofed gazebo with kitchenette US$ 12,000

Villas Type B and C

Swimming pool 2.5 meters by 5 meters US$ 16,000

Roofed gazebo with kitchenette US$ 12,000

Closed terrace at first level US$ 1,500

Exterior unpaved terrace US$ 2,000


Maintenance Costs:

Between US$ 125 to US$ 200 per month depending on Villa Type and Plot size.

Maintenance will include: Security, cleaning and communal lighting, rubbish collection, community administration, gardening in the community areas, and fumigation in the community areas.

Purchase Payment Options:

20% when signing the purchase contract.

40% during construction which can be between 12 to 18 months at the purchasers choice.

40% on completion and obtaining title.

The constructor offers the following discounts for early payment:

A. 10% Discount for payment of 50% when signing the purchase contract.

B. 15% Discount for payment of 80% when signing the purchase contract.

These discounts can be combined with the additional 15% discount offered to the first 25 purchasers of villas on this development.